Tuesday, June 10, 2014

London Instagram Spots!

With a city like London, it is challenging to know where to even begin to capture it in a single shot especially when using an iPhone. Fortunately, the Instagram community there is HUGE! Sometimes I feel like there isn't a spot in London that hasn't been posted on Instagram at some point. 

This online community is where I looked to plan my free days in London and it continues to inspire me daily! Some London Instagrammers my feed wouldn't be the same without are: @chaiwalla, @zoecaldwell@presidentjkennedy@jeromecan, and more! 

If that isn't enough to get you exploring, here are a few of my favourite spots to Instagram around London:

The Tube
Each station and platform is unique. Every second the colors are changing with people getting on and off carriages, trains arriving and leaving the platforms, and new ads covering the walls. Check out @missunderground's feed for some underground inspiration!

Every restaurant you walk into will have its own feel, you just need to look at it from a different perspective. 

The many beautiful walls of London
This sounds quite vague but I don't think there is an ugly wall in all of London! Check out the hashtags: #strideby and #sidetraits for some more inspiration from Instagram!

East London Street Art 
This is one of my favourite elements of London! The street art changes everyday and, as visitors, I feel it is our job to document it! Take a look at the @londongraffiti page for some the latest street art in London! 

Holland Park
The most photogenic park in London, there isn't a bad spot in it. 

The Royal Borough 
Architecture, flowers, cobblestones, and pastel houses make it perfect for a mini photo shoot! 

The Olympic Park
This was quite a popular spot while I was in London, partially because the park had just opened, but mainly because the architecture is gorgeous! This is where I saw @chaiwalla and @presidentjkennedy taking some amazing pictures!

Barbican Estate
I was so glad I made it here before I left, there is cool shot in every direction you look! Plus you may be able to spot Joe Thomas who frequents the area! 
The British Museum
With a ceiling this beautiful, it is no wonder the British Museum interests so many London Instagrammers.  

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