Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Eating: Round Corner Cantina

One of the side effects of turning 21 while abroad is that sometimes you forget to celebrate legal drinking once you get back to the States. So, my sister Annie decided that although she couldn't buy me my first drink as a 21-year-old, she could buy my first shot of tequila! 

To celebrate, we went to the Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville! From the outside, the restaurant looks small with only a few two-seater tables out front and a bar inside. To my surprise, however, as I followed my brother-in-law Ben to the back, I realized there was an oudoor patio. High tables, bar stools, bright colors, and string lights hanging above makes this a fun and cozy dining space. 

Despite being there on a busy Thursday night, we were kindly greeted by the hostess and seated right away (no wasting space, we were at a shared table). After looking at the menu for a while and realizing I had no clue what makes a good tequila, I let Annie and Ben do the drink ordering. We ended up getting three shots of tequila, two La Cantinas Margaritas, one can of Tecante, with chips and salsa, which all tasted amazing. 

After a few more minutes perusing the menu, I ordered the Lamb Barbacoa tacos and both Annie and Ben ordered the Gobernador Tacos. In what seemed like just a few minutes, our food was already on our table and looked delicious. 

Before ordering my tacos, I thought to myself 'should lamb really be put on tacos?' but decided to order them anyways...and it ended up not being, well, not my favourite. After trying Annie's shrimp tacos, I regretted not ordering those. Mine were a bit too spicy for me and the flavors just didn't mix as well as I had hoped. 

Even so, I highly recommend the Round Corner Cantina and can't wait to go back and get some shrimp tacos all to myself! 

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