Monday, May 19, 2014

Exploring: Los Angeles

Hi there! I'm Annie, Hope's sister, and I'm so excited to share some of my lovely travel plans! Hope's recent trips have made me so eager to explore a new city and while a London vacation is out of my budget at the moment, (I have a new baby, after all) I have plans for a few weekend trips in the US for this summer and fall.

My husband and I are itching to get out to Los Angeles, California before the end of this year...the sooner the better! Our favourite late night talk show host, Craig Ferguson, is leaving his show in December and we really want to be in the audience before he leaves! So a trip to LA is definitely necessary!

After exploring a couple of my favourite California-based bloggers, Oh Joy! and Jennifer Chong, I have made a list of a few places I want to be sure to hit, other than the CBS Studios to see CraigyFerg, that is!

Basically a trip for me means eating. I have pinned far too many restaurants and bakeries to visit in one weekend trip, so I figure a stop at the historical Grand Central Market would let me cover quite a bit of food in just a morning visit! I really want to eat at Eggslut. It began with just a food truck and now has a stall in the GCM. Speaking of food trucks (would a trip to LA be complete without stopping at a food truck?) I really want to try out the Steel City Sandwich Truck to find out how LA does Pittsburgh food! And I have to be sure to grab dinner at Republique. I've read that the food is amazing, as well as the architecture! So much food, so little time! But I will absolutely leave room for dessert (or maybe a savory) pie at the Pie Hole.

In between all that eating we'll cover the basic Hollywood tourist spots since it will be my husband's first time in LA! I also want to check out the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

What a weekend plan! Sometimes planning is just as much fun as going on the trip! I'll share my experience in LA later this summer.

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