Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back in the good old USA

After going to Rome for a few days, I flew back to London to get my bags and then flew home to the US a few days earlier than I had originally planned. However, I decided to keep my dad out of the loop on this change. So, my mom, sister, and nephew picked me up from the airport and the next day we left to surprise my dad at one of his Civil War reenactments! 

The gorgeous weather we had made the five hour drive amazing! My mom and I couldn't help but stop at a few scenic spots along the way! 

It made me realize that rest stops can be a chance to not only stretch your legs but to snap a few pictures as well! Overall, it was a fantastic trip and my dad was 100% surprised! 

p.s. I think this trip somehow helped lessen my reverse-culture shock
p.p.s. Check back next week to hear about my first month back in the US after spending 4 months abroad 

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