Monday, April 21, 2014

This weekend I:

Watched: a video of my nephew laughing 
Listened: to Roo Panes' song 'Land of the Living' over and over again 
Learned: that there are so many adventures in my future, I just have to prioritize which I want to do first
Ate: my first Sunday roast 
Read: a lot of html code when I was changing elements of the blog 
(almost) Drank: cherry ale in Oxford but then tasted it and realized it wasn't for me 
Thought: how am I going to carry all my luggage where I need it to go AKA I need to workout more 
Wished: I could apparate home 
Realized: I will be in Rome soon 
Bought:  too much peanut butter last week and am not going to finish it all before I leave 

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