Sunday, April 13, 2014

Changes to the blog :D

I am sure that at this point some of you have already noticed that you have now been visiting and reading instead of!


How awesome is that? And it is all thanks to my amazing sister, Annie! Can we all give her a round of applause (or thank her in the comments, hehe)?!

This brings me to my next point! This summer, she and I are going to revamp the blog a bit and make a few amazing changes! This means incorporating some London photos in an updated blog layout and other small improvements. Also,more importantly, you will be hearing from not just me but Annie will be doing some guest posts about her summer travels as well!

I am so thankful and proud that I started this blog almost two years ago because I have been able to share so much with so many because of it. I can't wait to see where the next two years takes us and can't wait to continue to share it through this blog!

Again thank you for the continued support and keep checking back for new posts and improvements!

With love (as always),

Hope xxxxx


  1. Beautiful post honey,
    Check out all of the Coachella fashion at ❤
    Kisses XOXO