Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From a different perspective:

I am always searching for new blogs to follow and thought I would 
share some of my favourites with you, my lovely followers! 

First up is the amazing Lauren! She runs The Emerald Dove blog! She lives in the UK and enjoys drinking excessive amounts of tea :) Her blog is a place where she chats about clothes (mostly Primark) and other parts of her daily life. I found her blog on Bloglovin and always enjoy seeing the good bargains she finds in her monthly haul posts! 

1) What is the main purpose of your blog? Why/When did you start it?  

I started my blog about a year ago and I just wanted to make friends and develop my writing in case I chose to go into any writing based careers. I like coming together with like-minded people and sharing my thoughts with them. I think the main purpose of my blog is just to perk up my lovely reader's day and hopefully inspire people - whether I have achieved this or not, I am unsure.*

*Speaking as a reader of her blog, I, Hope, would say Lauren has achieved her goal! I always look forward to her new posts and am inspired by her fashion finds! 

2) Describe the ideal reader for your blog. 

I think someone who likes clothes might like my blog but also someone who doesn't mind long, rambley posts. I also do some lifestyle posts sometimes so anyone who likes to be nosey (like I do) might enjoy reading some of these. 

3) Have you gone on any trips recently? Which was your favourite? 

I recently went up north, well it is north from where I live, to around the Essex and Kent area. It was on a coach trip, which I feel to be a seriously under-appreciated form of transport, and we went around a load of cute little towns and villages. We went to the Dicken's Victorian Christmas Fair in Rochester which was amazing. The cobbled streets were filled with fake snow and there were loads of lovely antique book shops. 

4) What is something you look for in a city? What is something you always notice about a new place? 

I think that if there are a lot of shops, then it is a great place to be! I love old fashioned cities and towns and if they have lots of beautiful original features then that is a sure fire way to make me fall in love with it. Also if they have lots of book shops filled with classics and with an adjoining tea room, then it definitely a good place.

5) If you could give someone visiting England for the first time your top three tips, what would they be? 

             i. Expect queues. Do not skip queues or moan loudly whilst in a queue or expect an onslaught of tuts.
            ii. Do not try to drive through the centre of big cities like London or Bristol - and probably a lot more - else you will be in gridlock for hours. 

           iii. Fill up on tea and cake which is usually great everywhere.

To learn more about Lauren, see some amazing fashion finds, or just need a little pick-me-up during the day, explore her blog

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  1. really loved reading this! it's always great finding new blogs to share with everyone :)