Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Almost home.

In this moment, I am excited about life. I am enjoying my last few days here in London, looking forward to going back to Rome, but most importantly I am just relieved that I get to see my family within the next two weeks (4 months is a loooonnnggg time). It is strange because I love London so so so so much and know that I have loved it more than any other city I have lived in or even been to, but recently I haven't been sad about leaving it. I think it is because I know I will be back here, somewhere in the UK, within the next several years. Not only that but in the mean time I will have so many adventures that will prepare me for a full-time life here.

I have taken advantage of every opportunity and lived with no reservations. I hope that this will help make my transition back into American life a bit easier...I think having no regrets or 'could have, should have' moments forcing me to wish I was back in this semester will help me live in the present. *fingers crossed*

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