Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Magnolia Bakery of London.

I love sweets. That bit is probably obvious if you know me or if you have ever read this blog before. However, you may not know that cupcakes are my second favourite sweet (cookies are #1)! One of the main things missing from my Rome experience  was exactly that...cupcakes! 

On family vacations, we always try to find a good place to get cupcakes. I have been to Magnolia Bakery in New York, Sprinkles in California, DC cupcakes in Washington D.C. and more! So, after hearing my coworkers rave about how delicious The Hummingbird Bakery was..I HAD to go! 

I got my go-to vanilla cupcake and it was spectacular! Just the right amount of icing and it was amazing with milk! Sophia got a Black Bottom one and there was something that tasted like cookie dough in the middle (I was a bit jealous of her!). 

Next time I am going to get what Tiff got....RED VELVET!

p.s.  I might be addicted to red velvet cake :p

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