Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How can you see all of the tourist spots of London in one day?

The answer...

St. James Park 

As I began to think about where I was going to take my roommate from Pittsburgh during her brief time here in London, I felt very overwhelmed. So London is HUGE...I just didn't realize how huge until I started to map out the city for a weekend trip.

I know this sounds horrible but I wanted to find a way to get the tourist spots out of the way so I could show her some places that I love and some places that I knew she would enjoy! 

During one of my lunch breaks at work, I realized that I had been walking around the answer to my problem for about 20 minutes twice a week since I had arrived in London...St. James Park.

Starting there you can basically just walk around the park's perimeter and see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye, and the horse guards! 

Alright, so you have to do a bit more walking than that but if you just turn down a few streets and weave a bit into a large square, you've done it! Add Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square to each side of that walk and you have covered a lot space in a short period of time!

This map is much more confusing that it should be but I think that after looking at it for a moment you will realize it isn't too bad. It just has a lot of stops in one, small area...which is good news for the people who don't like to walk very much!

1) Piccadilly Circus
2) Buckingham Palace

3) St. James Park
4) Westminster Abbey

5) Big Ben and Parliament

6) The London Eye

7) 10 Downing Street
8) Horse Guards

9) Trafalgar Square

I know that seems like a lot for one day but Kelly and I tried to take our time at each stop, and we still only took the morning to finish this walk!

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