Thursday, February 13, 2014

Full English!

Finally...I have had my first full-English breakfast of this trip! Holy crap, it was delicious! We went to a place in my neighborhood called The Wilmington! It was a very cool place that felt cosy (British way of spelling it) and spacious at the same time. 

I got fresh-squeezed orange juice with breakfast! 

My plate included: 
-English sausage
-English bacon
-a cooked mushroom
-a cooked tomato 

The only thing it was missing was chips! Haha can you tell I am addicted? 

I destroyed everything...haha. I ate it so quickly because it was my first warm breakfast in a while and it tasted perfect! 

Next weekend we are going to try a new place and see if we can get one that includes chips! 

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