Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do whatever you want.

So, recently I have noticed a phrase becoming more and more common among me and my friends here in London.

"I don't know these people. I can do 
whatever I want. I will never see them again."

It is something little, and at first I completely agreed with it. Who cares if I trip on the street? Who cares if I talk a bit too loud on the tube? Who cares if I pronounce a name wrong? London has over 8 million people in it...what are the chances I will come in contact with the same person the next day?

But then I realized that this shouldn't be something we say just because we are in London...we should never care about these things. Just because at home or on campus we might see the person again or we might do it in front of our classmates...why should we be embarrassed or nervous about being ourselves, flaws and all?

I realized a lot of important things while I was in Rome and I think that this is going to be one of the main takeaways from this semester.

Just be yourself. Don't apologize. You are amazing. 

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