Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another place checked off my Pinterest list!

I am very proud of myself, I have been going to a pinned restaurant at least once a week since I got here! To be honest, I was nervous I was going to forget all about these places but somehow they have been working out even better than expected.

Originally I only saw the branch of Hummus Bros. located in Soho. But there is another one a few streets up from my apartment that I saw while taking a walk one day!

 At first I was a little worried because there was no one in the tiny dining area when my friends and I arrived, but then I remembered that the girls at work told me they had just started to open for dinner along with lunch. 

Here they start you off with a bed of hummus and then you pick two add-ins to top it off, I chose guacamole and FALAFEL! It was amazing! 

Because we were the only people there, they brought us out mint tea and baklava on the house! Everything was better than I expected for the reasonable prices! I can't wait to go back! 

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