Monday, January 27, 2014

Off my Pinterest Board!

Before I start getting into an eating routine, I have been trying to go to as many places that I pinned as possible! I want to try different spots and then by the time I am in a routine just go to the ones I really like!

So, last week in between classes I decided to try out a place my sister recommended called My Old Dutch! I wasn't sure what to expect but I found out that there was a branch not far from my school so I figured I would go for it! 

  AAfter looking at the large menu, for some reason I made a last minute decision to get ratatouille and spinach pancakes. I didn't actually remember what ratatouille was so I was nervous but thought to myself 'allons-y' (my new motto to replace no res). df
It wasn't my favourite meal but it wasn't horrible either! The spinach was fantastic :) I think I will go back one day after I am done with classes and get some sweet pancakes! 

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