Friday, January 17, 2014

My first night in London.

Obviously, my first night in London I went to a pub and got chips, plus a pint! Haha, it was a very cliche night, but it was a perfect way to start off my time here! 

To make my brother-in-law proud, I got a Strongbow! It was actually pretty tasty, I even finished the entire pint! 

Even though my roommates went out for dinner, my stomach was still a bit anxious from the flight so I just got an order of chips. I felt like Rose from Doctor Who...I'm not exactly sure why but she does always crave chips and she has blonde hair so maybe that's it! And I have to say they were quite delicious! 

After dinner, the group broke a part and Kyle (my friend from home), his roommate, and I decided that we wanted to take the tube to see Big Ben! On the way there, we regretted it a bit because the tube was warm and it seemed like it was rocking us to sleep! we walked out of the tube station, we saw him!!! First thing!!! It was so exciting and really made me realize I was actually in London!

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