Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's starting to feel right.

As I mention in a previous post, something has felt a bit missing from London thus far. I think I might have figured some of that out though! 

On Sunday our first optional cultural activity (for school) was offered. It was a walking tour of Primrose Hill and the Camden Markets. Primrose Hill was where Annie and I first went on our trip in 2011. So, for that reason I think that going back there made it seem like this trip was finally allowed to begin. 

It was an amazing day! It felt perfectly right. It was the first time we had seen blue skies since we arrived and it was beautiful. Not only that but it didn't rain at all throughout the day. 

The view at the top of the hill is breathtaking. It really makes you appreciate London by seeing all of the green mixed with the background of buildings.  

There were dogs running EVERYWHERE...and they didn't have leashes (or leads as the Brits call them). I was so shocked! My dog would have been barking at everyone and would have ran away from me so fast that I would have never been able to catch her. These dogs were running and playing with each other and when they went too far they would just turn and run back towards their owner. As I told my mom, even the dogs are proper here.  

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