Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Camden Town.

The Camden Markets!! Wow, is there a cooler place in London?? I really don't think there is. Every which way you look there are bright colors and unique items! This past weekend was my first time going since I arrived last week and it was the perfect day to walk around! Blue skies and sun! 

I didn't buy anything this time because I just wanted to see as many stalls as possible! I do have my eye on some funky and gorgeous ceramics (that probably won't surprise many of you because I was obsessed with ceramics in Italy too!). 

For lunch I got Chinese food and it was delicious! I ate it so fast because I was tired after walking around Primrose Hill that morning. My friends all got crepes that looked fabulous so next time I am going to go there! 

After looking at even more stalls, I stopped to get some fresh doughnuts (my sister's favourite)! They were...heaven. I got two iced and as soon as I finished them I wanted more! 

On the way out, we passed a live band making some sort of music video. They sounded great! Tons of guitars and tambourines! Not only that but we saw a boat go through one of the locks, which I found very anticlimactic and slow but interesting nonetheless! 

I honestly can't wait to go back and explore over and over again!! 

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