Sunday, January 5, 2014

8 days until I leave for London!!

I have briefly talked about my first trip to London with my sister, but I thought I would take some time to go a bit more in depth about it!

We went to London, Brighton, Bristol, Paris, and Rome! It was my Senior Trip but instead of going in the summer, we went in March! This was my first time going abroad and I remember the night before being so nervous! I wasn't sure what to expect and the fact that my parents weren't coming with us scared me even more. Despite all of my nerves, we had an amazing time! It was better than I could have ever imagined!

Our flights were great and we only packed carry-ons so no missing luggage! We then took the tube from Heathrow to Camden High Street to our hostel! Our first three days my sister showed me all around London (we walked a lot!!). It was beautiful! Everything I had imagine and more! My favourite spot was the Camden  Lock Markets (same as my sister) and walking in Hyde park was like a dream.

While in London, we went on two days trips around England! The first was Brighton, which is on the southern coast. It was so cute there! Streets with all different colored houses and flowers! In my dreams, I will raise my kids in Brighton or somewhere similar to it! 

The next day we went to Bristol, which is near the western border near Wales! It is where one of my favourite TV shows, Skins, is filmed. The area isn't as nice as Brighton but it was a great day! We got to see all of the Skins locations, Annie got a pastry called a 'yumyum'...and we got lost. Haha very, very lost. 

After England we took the Chunnel to Paris! The first day we were there we had perfect weather and then the second it stormed! But both days we explored Paris and had a blast! Lastly, we went to Rome! My cousin Tony and Great Uncle Peter picked us up at the airport! It was the first time I had ever met them and it was one of the most extraordinary moments of my life. Looking back, it is so weird that when I left them I had no idea I would be spending four months with them and getting to know them so well less than two years later! Tony and my cousin Peter showed us all the major sites of Rome! 

It is so awesome to think that less than three years ago I was going abroad for the first time! Now, I am about to go back to London and live for four whole months!! 

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