Wednesday, January 1, 2014

12 days until I leave for London!!

As I announced a few days ago, I received my housing assignment for London! At first, I was a bit let down because I had never heard of my neighborhood but after looking at it on a map, I realized it is an amazing location!!

Alright....I think I have built up the suspense goes:

I will be living in Farringdon!!! It is on the East side of the city! Apparently it is up and coming area with more and more restaurants and clubs moving into the area! Close by is a gorgeous square called Clerkenwell Green that has restaurants and shops!  Not only that but the Exmouth Market is pretty close as well so even more shops and places to eat!

If you look at my Pinterest map below, my apartment is close to the #12 pin. It is far from Kensington and Chelsea (where my school is and on the west side of the city). Besides that area, all other pins and neighborhoods are in walking distance and an even easier tube ride!

I can't wait to get all settled in, in less than 2 weeks! It seems like such a cool area to explore!

Don't forget to stop back in tomorrow to see where I will be interning! 

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