Friday, January 3, 2014

10 days until I leave for London!!

Somehow my course schedule is even better than in Rome!! I only have class Wednesdays and Thursdays! Plus, both of those days I have time for a long lunch. I can already picture myself going to the Bluebird in Chelsea or walking around Hyde Park in between my classes! I can't wait!! 

I put question marks next to the days I intern because I am not 100% sure that will be my schedule. But, I mean, I have to work 15 hours a week and those are two free days so it just makes sense really. 

Then, somehow I have a three day weekend again! Since I will be pretty busy during the week, that will be a nice time to relax and explore different areas of London! I want to go to Camden and Regent's Park a lot! Covent Garden and Soho seem like amazing areas to get dinner and have a night out too :) 

AHHHHH, 10 days!!! Even though I am typing it I still can't believe it! 

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