Friday, December 6, 2013


On Black Friday (after I bought a Cannon camera, a lot of headache, followed by a returned Cannon, and a trip to Best Buy), I bought a Nikon DSLR camera!! I had been debating this purchase for a while and thought that if I were going to do it, Black Friday was the day. It is a Nikon D3100. I got the extra long lens and a 32 GB card too! It was quite a large purchase, but I truly believe it will enhance my London experience! means better photos for my blog!!! 

Since I got it, I have been documenting almost every moment of my life! My mom is getting annoyed now but she will love it when I take this many pictures of London!! 

Here are some of my best shots on the manuel setting so far :) 

p.s. I know I still have tons and tons to learn but, WOW, what a difference from a regular point and shoot or my iPhone!! This summer Annie and I are hoping to take a few classes to learn how to use our cameras better :) 

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