Thursday, December 26, 2013

18 days until I leave for London!!

For a while now, I have been pinning places I want to go to in London! It is great to have one long interactive list on Pinerest to look at rather than bookmarking each site!

 I got a few recommendations  from my sister and some from the reality show Made in Chelsea. I have been looking at different  from top ten lists online and others I just stumble upon while looking at London blogs! I am so happy that I have found a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. They range in cost, location, feel, and food choices!

Pinterest recently added a new feature that allows you to enter in the location of your pin! For some boards like fashion or baking this isn't that helpful, but for my "Places to go in London" board it was perfect!! Now, I don't just have a list but a map showing me where they all are in relation to the other!

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