Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's November!

I almost made a post about how time is flying, but then I realized it isn't...I feel like I have been in classes way longer than two months. But even though time isn't going fast, it is weird to think that next month is going to be the month my nephew is born. And the month after that I will be in London. Then, I turn 21! I think that everything has seemed slow to me because it is a transition period in my life and my family's life in general. I don't mind that. I am trying to prepare myself for all of the change that's coming.  But that's more difficult than it sounds. In my head all of this change is going to be amazing,  but I know that it will create at least a little bit of stress.

Preparing to go to Rome last year was much easier because I had a lot of nerves and fears about it. I found myself thinking about things that could go wrong everyday last Fall, and it was like I was trying to hit the pause button because Rome was so scary in my head.  Then, for the majority of the Summer I was trying to rewind back to Rome. This time it is so different...I would rather hit fast-forward so all of this change could happen RIGHT NOW! 

I know that is a lot of jumping around, but I have been doing better at just enjoying life in real-time and not living in the past or future. With that said, I can think about the amazing year that I just had (probably the best year of my life thus far) and also think about how excited I am for the future, all while still spending each day appreciating the present. 

That last line really reminds of a movie I saw recently! It is in theaters now, called About Time. I've wanted to see it since the July, and it did not disappoint! It makes you realize that you should enjoy every day! Don't worry, don't get annoyed with people, just live happily and everything will work out. I really believe that is true, and I need to work on saying it everyday when I wake up. It can be so easy to live in the stresses of the moment but if you look past them and look at the bigger picture then it is all about happiness, love, and laughter.

"Try to live everyday as if it was the final day of my extraordinary, ordinary life" 

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