Monday, October 14, 2013

Bucket List:

The list may get longer or things may get swapped out by as of right now this is my bucket list. I hope I can accomplish all of this before I die :)

1) Travel to every continent
2) See MIKA live in concert
3) Write a novel
4) Run a marathon
5) Live in London
6) Live in  NYC
7) Read every Jane Austen novel
8) Dye my hair red
9) Volunteer abroad 
10) Go up at an open mic night and make people laugh
11) Become bilingual
12) Learn how to play a song on the piano
13) Somehow let JK Rowling know how much her stories affected my life
14) Buy shoes on Fifth Ave.
15) Graduate College
16) Have Kids (naturally and adopt)
17) Have a dog named Blubbie
18) Feel completely free
19) Travel cross country with my best friend
20) Have 'All You Need Is Love' played at my wedding
21) Go to India
22) Meet Emma Watson
23) Have a conversation with my cousin Tony in the same language
24) Join the Peace Corps
25) Hail a cab in NYC
26) Eat crepes in Paris
27) Pay a stranger's bill
28) Live in Seattle or Portland
29) Help make the world a better, more equal place for women
30) Eat lots and lots of sweets from different countries
31) Learn how to skateboard
32) Go skydiving
33) Get a tattoo in Camden Town
34) Make Thanksgiving dinner, 100% by myself
35) Run in Hyde Park

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