Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life after college?

Is there even such a thing? For the past few months it has been all that I can think about. There are endless possibilities to choose from, and I have been trying to figure out the exact right one for me. What I've finally realized is that there are so many "right" choices that I could make, so I shouldn't worry quite so much. However, take into account that I only had this epiphany after figuring out "the plan". I have been thinking about it for the past couple of months...and right now it sounds even more perfect than I originally thought. So maybe (as I have blogged before) my obsessive planning isn't just a flaw, but a useful quality, as well. But anyways, back to my epiphany...what I mean to say is that I hope think I could take whatever life throws at me after college and still be happy. I want to always make sure that I am doing what I love no matter where my future takes me.

So....here are the main points of my tentative future:

Meet my nephew :)
Cross-country road trip
One more internship in PGH
Take the GREs
Graduate undergrad
Move to Seattle for grad school
Join the Peace Corps

There it is. It seems so simple when I type it out like that. I know that won't be the case but I think it sounds like the perfect plan (at least today it does)! It will probably change over the next few months but for now it relaxes me to know I have goals to work towards.

p.s. The grad school I am looking into is tied for 13th best in the country with NYU in Public Affairs :) If I could get in there it would mean so much to me. It would mean that I was good enough to get into NYU but chose not to go there and that would be an amazing feeling to have.

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