Monday, August 5, 2013

The concert I had been waiting over a year for...

So, the day was finally here....I was about to go to the One Direction concert. After a lot of confusion, I asked Kelly to go with me. We drove from Scranton to Hershey early in the morning so we would have all day to wait for the band to get there. After circling around the venue for about an hour trying to find the entrance, we decided to get a quick lunch and then head over to the outlets to do some shopping. 

Everywhere we went was packed! Thousands of people were there not for Hershey Park but for ONE DIRECTION! Around 3:30 pm we went over to the stadium. After we parked, walked to a tram stop, took the tram, waited in line for the bathroom, and went the bathroom, we were ready to head in! At this point we were already pretty tired (it was 90 degrees out!). Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice over the speakers yell, "HELLLOOOO HERSHEY!" was Harry Styles at soundcheck! He was only yards away from me! There were walls in between us but it didn't matter, it was so cool to hear their voices live! After soundcheck ended, Kelly and I got in line to get into the stadium so we could find our seats. They weren't too far back but far enough that we couldn't see much. 

During the ENTIRE concert, the girls next to Kelly who were all around 16 cried and was terrible. I know I should have expected this, but I honestly thought that the screaming fans would be quiet while the boys sang. I was wrong. From what I did hear, they sounded A-MAZ-ING live and they were as hilarious and gorgeous as I thought they would be. Next tour I will just have to get seats closer to the stage :) 

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