Monday, June 24, 2013

Things on my bucket list (not full list):

1) Join the Peace Corps

2)  Have a complete conversation with my cousin Tony in the same language

3) Hail a cab in NYC while wearing heels :)

4) Write a book

5) Get a tattoo that says 'You are alive.'

6) Live in New York City and London

7) Say 'infinity' to all of my future children

8) Go back to Rome with Janelle, Travis, and Sophia all together

9) Run a marathon

10) Read every Jane Austen novel

11) Graduate college

12) Donate a large amount of money Haitian Families First

13) Have a dog named Blubbie

14) Hold my future niece or nephew the day they are born

15)  Do something that would make Freddie Mercury proud

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