Saturday, June 29, 2013

I miss my friends…

It's been almost two months since I got back from Rome..that's a terrible thing to type. I don't want to believe it. Even so, I am doing much better than I was a month ago! I still miss my friends but I am beginning to understand what it is like not to see them everyday. I am glad to be feeling back to myself (although I still have my romesick days)! Plus, I just have to remember that next weekend I will be with Kelly (and one direction) and then shortly after that Travis and Jan are coming to visit :) 

Villa Pamphili with Jan!

Frigidarium with Will! 

Piazza Santa Maria with the gals :) 

Haha my favourite 'moment' in Rome….with Sophia and Travis.

Sophia and I with our guys at our place! 

Study party at our apartment! 

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