Friday, March 15, 2013

My Papap's hometown!

While my family visited Rome, we also went to see my Papap's hometown Martirano, Calabria, for a couple of days too! It was unreal to see the streets my Papap walked on as a child! We even got to see where he lived (two different houses). It was the cutest town! Narrow, curvy streets that lead to breathtaking views! We stayed in a hotel up in the mountains! It was scary driving up the winding streets at night to get to the hotel especially because the temperature was so cold up there that there was snow on the ground, but the view was fantastic! The hotel was very cute and rustic, it was called Pietramone Agriturismo! For more information click here

My Papap's first house! 

His second house!

A World War I memorial in the center of town with a Perri listed on it! 

For more info on my family history check out this post! 

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