Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Birthday ever?

I feel like your birthday is one of those days that you build up in your head and then it is never as good as you think it is going to be, but this year was different! It was the best day I have had in Rome thus far. I didn't do anything that was that noteworthy but it was simply fantastic. At midnight Holly, my friend who was visiting, and I skyped my two best friends from home and we did a  dance as I turned 20! Then, before I fell asleep my sister posted a happy birthday video to my facebook wall. She got all my friends and family from home to sing to me and then cut them all together! It was the best present I have ever gotten and it was the perfect way to start off my birthday. The next day, I woke up and got breakfast and lunch (two meals in an 1 1/2) with my best friend here and she surprised me with candles on my doughnut! Then, I went and got cookies with another friend, which were delicious! After that I came home to find that my roommates had bought me a cake and cookies! Holly came over before dinner so we all got to have a treat before my family picked us up for dinner! Dinner and dessert was so cool because I had my Italian family, my friend from home, and my friends from here all together with me. It was a surreal moment because it was so easy and felt natural but then when I think about it, it was quite strange and amazing. Then my friends and I just hung out and then went to bed. It was the best day ever.

My breakfast, a card from my Nona and Papap, and Holly as it turned midnight! 

 My present from Janelle and Travis! 

 Dinner with the Perri's!

A cake from my morning place! 

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