Friday, February 1, 2013

No matter where you grow up, when you are a Perri, you act like a Perri :)

These are just some goofy photos I took of Tony and Peter last weekend when we went exploring! 
Tony and Peter being proud of the Roma flag! 

 The drank out of every fountain we passed! 

 Our shadows! From left to right: Tony, Me, Peter

Peter was my model for the day..hahah

Then he randomly didn't want any photos and ran away from me! 

All day they fought and beat each other up, it was so funny! In this one Peter is squeezing Tony's fingers and pinching him :) Tony loves calling Peter a 'pappa molla' which I didn't understand so we put it into google translate and it means 'spring jelly' in English…still confused but it is really funny and I now call Peter a pappa molla when he mimics my Italian (which is very often)! 

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