Saturday, February 2, 2013

Be not afraid of who you really are...

I love this so much..TV (especially Glee) somehow always has a way of connecting to what is going on in my life. Studying abroad really makes you think about who you are ( I know I have posted about this topic before). I reached the point today that I realized that although I have been being myself and doing what I want to do, I have been a bit afraid or guilty to be who that is. People say 'enjoy yourself when you are young' and 'do it while you can or you will regret it' but what if what I want is different from my peers because everyone is different. It is okay that I want to wake up early on the weekends and go read in the park near my house and explore Rome and then go to sleep early rather than go out to bars at night. That is what I will regret not doing, that is what makes me happy, and makes me, me. 

And that's my emotional rant of the day…going to bed now because I have the stomach flu, which is what prompted all this necessary soul searching :) 

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