Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am here!!!!

So, it has been a crazy three days…I don't know how to write it all in a post! So, here is a quick overview:

-All my flights were on time and went amazingly well…too good maybe! I even made friends with the kid sitting next to me and he helped me find my next gate!
-I got to talk to my family and friends on a computer station in Frankfort airport
-Then I got to Rome but my luggage didn't...
-I spent the day with my cousin Tony and I saw my Aunt Dora, Leena, Maria, and Tony :)
-I got the hotel and met my roommate, Sophia, and we had a great evening!
-Still no luggage

-We moved into our apartment!!!
-We got a personal walking tour, just me and my roommates!
-Called the airport for luggage..all three numbers they gave me are now disconnected…
-We all came back and took a loooooonnnggg nap
-We went out to dinner at 10:30 pm (I know it was so late)!
-We got drinks at two different bars with some Italians
-Met some young Italians on the way back :)

-Still no luggage
-Went on some tours for the university
-Called airport again and got transferred at least 20 times...
-No luggage
-Skype Annie about what to do if my luggage never comes
-Got a call from my program saying my one bag was here and the other will be here tomorrow!
-Picked up bag
-Got gelato :)

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