Wednesday, September 26, 2012

'Lei ci ha.'

I have officially been accepted into the Rome program! I was so excited when I found out, it seemed like my hard work was finally paying off. But then I went to Italian class and I was having a lot of trouble understanding what we were learning. Then, I went online to my program's site and I saw that I now have a checklist three times as long as the old one. I felt so overwhelmed and nervous. I logged onto Facebook and saw that my cousin Tony from Rome was online so we began chatting. As we typed to each other, my worries began to melt away. Then, he invited me to Skype! I was so excited! As the screen began to load I saw Tony, his wife Maria, and their son Peter. As soon as I saw them looking at me, I remembered why I was taking Italian and doing all this work. In three months time, I will get to see those faces almost everyday.

Although I am in Italian 2, it was still somewhat difficult to understand everything they were saying to me, but with a little help from google translate I was able to have some great conversations with them. Maria asked me about what classes I would be taking.Tony wanted to know when I would be coming to Rome, where I would be staying, and who I would be staying with. He told me he has been looking at my photos on Facebook and wanted to know if my friends from the pictures would be coming with me. I told him that I would be coming solo but I would have roommates. Tony began to look a bit sad and then asked again if I would be alone in Rome. All of sudden in the background I heard Maria say, 'Lei ci ha," which means 'she will have us'. When I heard her say that I thought I was going to cry. I only met them a year ago and it was for only four days and despite all of that we love each other unconditionally…because we are all Perri's.

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  1. This post made me cry. I'm so happy for you! "She'll have us"...such a short statement that means so much.