Tuesday, January 28, 2014

British Food is AMAZING!

Despite our many choices at the Borough Markets, getting these meat pies was the obvious choice! All the ingredients are made in Bristol (a city in the west of England) and they are handmade :) 

There were about eight different choices and I got a 'moo pie'! It had beef and Bristol-made ale inside! Plus, I also got mash on the side with hot gravy poured all over it! I am now even more confused as to why people say England doesn't have good food...I think it is amazing!! 

All of that delciousness was only £6! Can you believe that?? I was so shocked! 

I can't wait to go back and get this again, it was a nice change from all of the chips I have been getting. And it really warmed me up from the cool morning (I know, I know, it isn't polar vortex weather here but it was a bit nippy this weekend). 

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